we try to achieve the impossible. For BeyondTheDream 82
best we could achieve would be religious BeyondTheDream 202
are invented to achieve orgiastic sensation. The BeyondTheDream 229
which endeavor to achieve emptiness through sheer CanMeditationBeDone 25
do is to achieve emptiness in meditation Dialogues 5
we trying to achieve? We are trying Dialogues 11
like you to achieve a shift of Dialogues 12
are trying to achieveto provide the Dialogues 147
we fail to achieve our objectives, we Dialogues 172
the aspiration to achieve the nondual Dialogues 198
are trying to achieve completeness on a Dialogues 200
fulfill themselves, to achieve completeness with the Dialogues 201
and a wife achieve an understanding that Dialogues 202
was driven to achieve success by a Dialogues 205
and therefore can achieve the optimum realization Existential 7
a desire to achieve certain objectives through Existential 72
the patient to achieve negative ignorance soon Existential 105
made. How we achieve negative ignorance? Sometimes Existential 105
can the parents achieve this? The danger Existential 133
very good to achieve, it would seem Existential 159
psychotherapy has to achieve is the elevation Existential 195
what did they achieve? Formlessness. Formlessness is OneMind 41
are trying to achieve that, you will OneMind 339
know how to achieve it but I Quest 11
be wonderful to achieve it. It does Quest 11
of effort to achieve this overcoming of Quest 29
to try to achieve a certain balance Quest 73
which is to achieve excellence through honing RightUsefulness 7
frictionlessness is not achieved until ascension. When Dialogues 121
Jesus ascended, he achieved total frictionlessness. In Dialogues 121
Fame has been achieved, fortunes have been Dialogues 205
nothing has been achieved. In Proverbs there Existential 25
Jesus, when he achieved this point, said Existential 121
fulfillment can be achieved, we dont Existential 177
of discernment is achieved? How can that Healing 4
consciousness which has achieved such purity, that HierarchyOfValues 23
feel I have achieved only toward God Quest 10
others who have achieved it in regard Quest 11
that Yen Hui achieved also relieve him Quest 37
can only be achieved through spir itual RightUsefulness 8
factor in the achievement of this goal BeyondTheDream 135
working for the achievement of egocontrol Existential 158
human, or personal, achievement is rapidly fleeting OneMind 334
that the partial achievement is the most Quest 11
success and personal achievement but with spiritual SoundlessMusic 25
undeserved credit for achievements, thus fostering a Quest 45
great thinkers and achievers, and deeply spiritual Quest 54
of energy toward achieving this goal. Wanting WhatDoesGodWant 6
are this doing, achieving person. Dr. Hora OneMind 44
that interferes with achieving it? Wanting and OneMind 314
mostly concerned with achieving certain ends or Quest 118
it interferes with achieving affluence. Affluence is RightUsefulness 18
individual related experiencing aching joints and burning WhatDoesGodWant 20
said correctly, we acknowledge that everything and Wisdom1 75
we endeavor to acknowledge spiritual reality. We Wisdom1 81
it and to acknowledge that in divine Wisdom1 112
he would automatically acknowledge the reality of Wisdom1 125
prayerfully endeavoring to acknowledge what is existentially BeyondTheDream 93
The moment we acknowledge Reality, we are BeyondTheDream 118
We must gratefully acknowledge the fact that BeyondTheDream 183
which means, I acknowledge and agree with BeyondTheDream 282
quiet and mentally acknowledge that there is Dialogues 80
that we mentally acknowledge the goodness and Dialogues 81
was, when we acknowledge the truth, who Dialogues 81
discern it, to acknowledge it. And if Dialogues 87
all thy ways acknowledge him, and he Dialogues 166
troublesome, we must acknowledge that ambition is Dialogues 172
that if we acknowledge that we don OneMind 56
who do not acknowledge the existence of OneMind 56
step is to acknowledge that thoughts and OneMind 70
all humility, we acknowledge that we need OneMind 70
the less we acknowledge God. We like OneMind 106
their unwillingness to acknowledge forthrightly the existence OneMind 114
a comment. I acknowledge that we do OneMind 118
a meaning and acknowledge that this indeed OneMind 131
thoughts and to acknowledge that in the OneMind 135
it and to acknowledge that anyone has OneMind 164
pain if you acknowledge that you desire OneMind 205
Intelligence. When we acknowledge this, we are OneMind 215
at least to acknowledge that there must OneMind 385
divine Mind and acknowledge it to be RightUsefulness 23
desire to be acknowledged as existing. This BeyondTheDream 285
truth is being acknowledged or sought in Dialogues 81
noticed, with being acknowledged, with being admired Dialogues 213
that is intellectually acknowledged but existentially rejected OneMind 139
occurring must be acknowledged within yourself. At OneMind 254
its validity is acknowledged. There is a SoundlessMusic 19
grateful is the acknowledgement that God is WhatDoesGodWant 23
God and the acknowledgement of His good WhatDoesGodWant 25
or not. This acknowledgement is for us Wisdom1 75
with a conscious acknowledgement of the truth Wisdom1 79
such a collective acknowledgement that man is Dialogues 127
aware of and acknowledges Gods allness BeyondTheDream 205
The right man acknowledges it and rejoices BeyondTheDream 208
Comment: The spirit acknowledges the spirit. Dr Dialogues 81
he reformed by acknowledging God as superior BeyondTheDream 87
approbation, which means acknowledging the good? Of BeyondTheDream 207
is capable of acknowledging the good of BeyondTheDream 207
No, gratitude is acknowledging the good of Dialogues 53
that does the acknowledging? Is it the Dialogues 81
again. Dr. Hora: Acknowledging is not enough OneMind 56
bewe are acknowledging that it is OneMind 135
us is by acknowledging and contemplating the OneMind 263
Right Knowing: by acknowledging what really is OneMind 338
pie. We keep acknowledging, I am here OneMind 338