it is an acknowledgment of what already BeyondTheDream 90
This is an acknowledgment of Reality. The BeyondTheDream 118
forthright and explicit acknowledgment of the existence BeyondTheDream 206
This kind of acknowledgment is reassuring and BeyondTheDream 285
with the grateful acknowledgment that all there Dialogues 213
it is the acknowledgment not only of OneMind 137
Prayer is the acknowledgment of the perfection OneMind 316
pressing for conscious acknowledgment. So we look OneMind 319
we are experiencing acoustical violence. When we Existential 110
get his instructions acoustically! It is worthwhile OneMind 373
The Bible says: Acquaint now thyself with BeyondTheDream 126
can just directly acquaint the patient with Existential 29
and to swim. Acquaint now thyself with Existential 83
it this way: Acquaint now thyself with OneMind 327
the Bible says: Acquaint now thyself with OneMind 386
with an intimate acquaintance with the first Wisdom1 16
not have this acquaintance with omniactive Love BeyondTheDream 126
lady of my acquaintance is in the BeyondTheDream 244
infants first acquaintance with pleasure is Dialogues 51
we have sufficient acquaintance with real energy Dialogues 68
less by chance acquaintanceship between the mother Existential 200
if we get acquainted with this truth Wisdom1 19
oriented towards becoming acquainted with the reality Wisdom1 34
us to become acquainted with the truth BeyondTheDream 103
we are not acquainted with our true BeyondTheDream 278
house. He became acquainted with her and Dialogues 218
was to get acquainted with divine reality Existential 82
swim, but being acquainted with buoyancy will Existential 82
how we get acquainted with what we OneMind 75
detail about becoming acquainted with God and OneMind 339
to become well acquainted with this second SoundlessMusic 4
and obsequious. By acquainting him with the BeyondTheDream 97
it is about acquiescing or surrendering . . . Dr OneMind 387
to work ? to acquire something that somebody Wisdom1 120
knowledge which we acquire through an educational BeyondTheDream 194
realm. We can acquire books containing a BeyondTheDream 225
but we cannot acquire understanding. There is BeyondTheDream 225
to school and acquire an unnatural form BeyondTheDream 276
than man can acquire. Comment: That would Dialogues 162
skill, which you acquire in the Bronx Existential 186
How do we acquire that quality, that Existential 210
How do we acquire a horizontal perspective Existential 229
something we can acquire. Wanting it could OneMind 68
studying Metapsychiatry, we acquire a great deal OneMind 72
but we can acquire immunity against envy OneMind 79
needed is to acquire immunity. Einstein said OneMind 162
How can we acquire immunity to voodoo OneMind 162
this problem and acquire immunity? The homosexual OneMind 162
who try to acquire selfesteem wind OneMind 167
We have to acquire this way of OneMind 295
only way to acquire it is to OneMind 295
you must newly acquire. Question: Isnt Quest 41
without trying to acquire it or reject Quest 74
we want to acquire knowledge and want SoundlessMusic 15
to have, to acquire in order to SoundlessMusic 16
as thieves to acquire, to possess and SoundlessMusic 16
of security is acquired at a great BeyondTheDream 65
Understanding cannot be acquired since it is BeyondTheDream 225
things can be acquired. Spiritual treasures unfold BeyondTheDream 225
realization can be acquired. The materialistic approach BeyondTheDream 225
to them that acquired his knowledge, but BeyondTheDream 226
Positive ignorance is acquired through education. Buckminster BeyondTheDream 275
someone who has acquired a certain skill Existential 14
of their newly acquired idea, often making HierarchyOfValues 19
epidemic is called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome OneMind 162
have to be acquired or deserved. It OneMind 167
a lot about acquired immune deficiency syndrome OneMind 275
its semantic limitations acquired through years of SoundlessMusic 21
more ego it acquires; the more visible Quest 132
the issue between acquiring and understanding. It BeyondTheDream 225
of refers to acquiring understanding. It is BeyondTheDream 225
For instance, by acquiring a friend or Existential 163
really interested in acquiring immunity from envy OneMind 163
on possessions, on acquiring things, holding things SoundlessMusic 28
great value on acquisitions and on successful Quest 2
Bible recommends an acquisitive approach to wisdom BeyondTheDream 225
inclined to be acquisitive. We tend to BeyondTheDream 225
to transfer the acquisitive idea into the BeyondTheDream 225
good. The greedy, acquisitive, aggressive, anxious materialistic BeyondTheDream 226
we are very acquisitive about money, it BeyondTheDream 226
at that. The acquisitive approach is an BeyondTheDream 226
happiness in an acquisitive way. For instance Existential 163
that is neither acquisitive nor rejecting but Quest 74
wisdom and understanding. Acquisitiveness interferes with understanding BeyondTheDream 225
receptive. Receptivity and acquisitiveness cancel each other BeyondTheDream 225
to us that acquisitiveness is greedy and BeyondTheDream 226
which is an acronym for peace, assurance WhatDoesGodWant 6
which is an acronym for peace, assurance WhatDoesGodWant 7
defined in the acronym, PAGL Our idea HierarchyOfValues 26
and you come across someone who is Wisdom1 131
unusual to come across some who can BeyondTheDream 63
her window that across the street from BeyondTheDream 226
literature we came across a prayer which BeyondTheDream 305
people who come across as very powerful Dialogues 189
Haggadah. I came across something very interesting Dialogues 196
get this point across. It seems to Dialogues 223
Helping old ladies across the street? Comment Existential 171
over we come across the symbolism of Existential 217
further, we come across more serpents. For Existential 219
idiots. It comes across very clearly at OneMind 61
harmony can come across as an influence OneMind 156
who had come across one of our OneMind 215
was to get across the Buddhists idea OneMind 321
next room, or across the street, or Quest 76
street, or perhaps across the continent? Experience Quest 76
reports often come across as influencing public RightUsefulness 12