sage speaks of actionless action and the BeyondTheDream 8
tzu speaks of actionless action, which refers SoundlessMusic 12
expresses itself as actionless action. Operationalism manifests SoundlessMusic 25
in experiencing the actions on the screen BeyondTheDream 1
quality of his actions will be entirely BeyondTheDream 8
word referring to actions and the consequences BeyondTheDream 33
the consequences of actions. Epistemology is the BeyondTheDream 33
in words or actions, and they have BeyondTheDream 33
decisions, choices, motivations, actions, responses, and expressions BeyondTheDream 119
be more autonomous actions than commitment. Decision BeyondTheDream 268
and various other actions can be consensually BeyondTheDream 286
terms of interpersonal actions. Jesus saw Reality Commentaries 28
our motives and actions are completely perverted Dialogues 117
transcend our own actions and to be OneMind 93
only with your actions, not only with OneMind 150
rituals and symbolic actionslike swallowing a OneMind 255
divine context, our actions and responses are OneMind 294
the social perspective actions are essentially self Quest 48
of responsibility, human actions involve an openness Quest 48
system, while the actions of the heart Quest 49
tend to become actions, behavior, bodily experiences Quest 101
is the only activating power of all Wisdom1 38
is a power active in his consciousness BeyondTheDream 29
which is an active state or we BeyondTheDream 44
receptivity is neither active nor passive, what BeyondTheDream 44
we passive or active? Floating is neither BeyondTheDream 44
Floating is neither active nor passive; it BeyondTheDream 44
LoveIntelligence. Omniactive LoveIntelligence is BeyondTheDream 60
higher intelligence present, active, operating, harmonizing all BeyondTheDream 132
always present and active in our affairs BeyondTheDream 234
these suggestions are active in consciousness, we BeyondTheDream 278
thought which is active in his consciousness BeyondTheDream 281
desire become more active? Comment: When we Dialogues 51
understand the word active in omniactive. Could Dialogues 211
Hora: The word active indicates the dynamism Dialogues 211
whether someone is active or passive; most Existential 42
our consciousness, is active there and colors Existential 49
neither is it active. It is reverent Existential 61
both passive and active at the same Existential 96
words are both active and passive at Existential 97
in either the active or passive sense Existential 97
It is neither active nor passive. What Existential 135
transcendent impulsion was active in the producing Existential 178
soul becomes increasingly active in our consciousness Healing 35
soul, the more active it becomes. How Healing 38
intelligence is evidently active in our lives HierarchyOfValues 25
but it is active as it is OneMind 350
masculine or feminine, active or passive, it Quest 53
may be too active and some too Quest 53
worship is neither active nor passive. It Quest 66
intercessory prayer is active as direct communication Quest 87
that is neither active nor passive, yet Quest 87
Love is neither active nor passive. In Quest 98
ignorance is an active ignoring of what Quest 99
It is neither active nor passive. Wakeful Quest 125
striving to be active and striving to Quest 129
the socalled active therapists and the Quest 129
whether it is active or passive. He Quest 132
competition with others active in the same RightUsefulness 7
higher intelligence is active in our work RightUsefulness 22
mind. It is active in the study RightUsefulness 22
some pathogenic idea active in your consciousness SoundlessMusic 2
gather information, become active in consciousness. We SoundlessMusic 24
yeast will become active in the dough SoundlessMusic 24
consciousness, it becomes active there and transforms SoundlessMusic 24
Truth becomes an active idea in consciousness SoundlessMusic 24
that we cannot actively bring about. We BeyondTheDream 37
these qualities volitionally, actively, we would become BeyondTheDream 38
same force is actively expressing itself. Comment Dialogues 211
way of working actively, effectively, and effortlessly Existential 61
ways to liveactively or passively, masculinely Quest 53
a woman too actively asserts her will Quest 53
right in their activities? So, he said Wisdom1 52
as consisting of activities and experiences in BeyondTheDream 2
necessary and useful activities from moment to BeyondTheDream 54
thinking and the activities of an individual BeyondTheDream 56
and my other activities. I am an BeyondTheDream 117
the universe. Our activities on the level BeyondTheDream 259
selfconfirmatory ideation, activities, and pursuits. Translated BeyondTheDream 284
and fantasies are activities of an illusory CanMeditationBeDone 5
an operator. His activities are rooted in Compassion 15
pursuing their daily activities. I think he Dialogues 116
things or from activities; we bring happiness Dialogues 137
happiness to our activities, to people, to Dialogues 137
out of his activities and out of Dialogues 137
and various physical activities. Ritualistic prayers often Existential 19
of planned domineering activities. Analogously, the reported Existential 37
of selfconfirmatory activities. Among these, drug Existential 110
relationships and through activities. Another way to Existential 163
aware of. Compulsive activities are psychological ways Forgiveness 12
his body or activities. Dr. Hora: That HierarchyOfValues 29
flowers. But these activities will not have OneMind 6
interactions are the activities of Satan. Student OneMind 273
s selfconfirmatory activities. Selfconfirmation, even OneMind 334
in their social activities. They were perfectly Quest 52
engage in adulterous activities. On weekends, they Quest 69
words, not with activities, not in symbols Quest 91
of life in activities, productiveness, performance, capabilities Quest 109
this in other activities which cannot be RightUsefulness 18
in his business activities; his business will RightUsefulness 25
Beneficence is an activity, while beneficial is BeyondTheDream 8
action, behavior, or activity. Whenever we send BeyondTheDream 33
as speech, as activity, as behavior, or BeyondTheDream 71
is not an activity. It is a BeyondTheDream 72
circumscribed area of activity that we are BeyondTheDream 101
s selfrevealing activity. And while we BeyondTheDream 103
must stop all activity and retune the BeyondTheDream 108
psychology is the activity of the fleshly BeyondTheDream 133
and space and activity were clearly circumscribed BeyondTheDream 136
in all sexual activity is thought. Since BeyondTheDream 142
is a mental activity; it is not BeyondTheDream 142
underlie the sexual activity? We could say BeyondTheDream 143
of paralyzing constructive activity, or social participation BeyondTheDream 249
Work is an activity aimed at expressing BeyondTheDream 259
is not an activity it is an CanMeditationBeDone 3
of passivity versus activity. Being has nothing Compassion 14
with passivity or activity. A beneficial presence Compassion 14
the difference between activity and action? Activity Compassion 14
activity and action? Activity is operational. Action Compassion 14
It is not activity, it is action Compassion 14
is a human activity, the other is Compassion 15
sun radiancy, warmth, activity, power, intelligence, creative Compassion 25
monkey resumes its activity. Real transcendence means Dialogues 36
in selfconfirmatory activity. These are the Dialogues 52
this kind of activity, it is dangerous Dialogues 86
unfolding of the activity of divine Mind Dialogues 114
nature of the activity. Dr. Hora: The Dialogues 137
presence and the activity of infinite Mind Dialogues 155
prepare for any activity. When we are Dialogues 170
is only the activity of the truth Dialogues 209
can see the activity of this vital Dialogues 211
dynamism is an activity expressing itself in Dialogues 211
is, is the activity of divine Love Dialogues 213
some kind of activity, but to be Dialogues 228
as word, action, activity, mannerism, gesture, behavior Existential 2
their behavior or activity, or their relationships Existential 55
What kind of activity is required in Existential 6o
Floating is an activity occurring in consciousness Existential 6o
of passivity and activity are not helpful Existential 62
and hermeneutic. The activity of the therapist Existential 96
in terms of activity and passivity. These Existential 97
heightened form of activity the aim of Existential 109
there is restful activity. Has anyone ever Existential 128
ever experienced restful activity? Activity which does Existential 128
experienced restful activity? Activity which does not Existential 128
ones professional activity. Coming back to Existential 143
into solicitous therapeutic activity, no matter how Existential 186
engage in some activity in order to Forgiveness 12
due to the activity of a power Forgiveness 30
This is the activity of the soul Healing 35
This is the activity of the soul Healing 36
confirmatory ideation and activity and behavior that HierarchyOfValues 25
is only the activity of the one OneMind 3
action, God is activity, God is skill OneMind 19
that actually the activity of Gods OneMind 38
understand it? If activity is not a OneMind 95
a trip or activity or a task OneMind 121
focused on the activity for a while OneMind 127
only saw an activity, an operational technique OneMind 255
characterized by constant activity and dynamism. Think OneMind 332
constant movement and activity. Everything is in OneMind 332
have some useful activity? Can life be OneMind 349
in any material activity whatsoever? Dr. Hora OneMind 349
engaged in any activity whatsoever? The ocean OneMind 350
is that mental activity that ignores what Quest 33
sphere of mental activity. Responsibility on a Quest 46
namely, that of activity and passivity, self Quest 49
be differentiated from activity; it is also Quest 66
up a certain activity in our minds Quest 87
that is not activity, a condition that Quest 87
is that mental activity which ignores what Quest 98
into being, both activity and passivity must Quest 98
a certain mental activity, in the sense Quest 116
as this mental activity is in the Quest 116
is that mental activity which ignores what Quest 116
is calculativediscursive activity of the mind Quest 118
on it. This activity is not so Quest 124
the categories of activity and passivity. It Quest 125
issue is neither activity nor passivity, neither Quest 129
or is our activity a manifestation of RightUsefulness 1
work is: useful activity in response to RightUsefulness 1
indicator that his activity is not operational RightUsefulness 2
how useful our activity is in performing RightUsefulness 5
work as useful activity in response to RightUsefulness 6