what a good actor you are, You OneMind 258
Greek tragedies the actors held appropriate masks Existential 100
for money? Now actors and actresses have OneMind 343
Now actors and actresses have a terrible OneMind 343
give to thee? (Acts 3:6) and Wisdom1 80
and compulsive symbolic acts are ways of BeyondTheDream 24
things moves me (Acts 20:24). We BeyondTheDream 35
says the Bible (Acts 10:34). Man BeyondTheDream 56
have our being (Acts 17:28). No BeyondTheDream 104
have our being (Acts 17:28). God BeyondTheDream 113
things moves me (Acts 20:24). A BeyondTheDream 130
present in consciousness acts as a magnet BeyondTheDream 187
against the pricks (Acts 9:4, 5 BeyondTheDream 232
thou must do (Acts 9:6). But BeyondTheDream 232
his blinded eyes (Acts 9:18), and BeyondTheDream 232
have our being (Acts 17:28). A CanMeditationBeDone 20
in selfconfirmatory acts. We just recognize Compassion 12
existentially valid, it acts not like a Existential 22
things move me (Acts 20:24). Question Existential 23
have our being (Acts 17:28). THE Existential 93
blaming? If someone acts injuriously or wrongly Forgiveness 2
and moves (and acts) and has his GodInPsychiatry 8
has his being (Acts 17:28). Therefore GodInPsychiatry 8
move me anymore (Acts 20:24). Student Healing 37
an individual who acts very important and OneMind 7
in the Bible (Acts 2) that is OneMind 17
have they closed (Acts 28:27). So OneMind 302
grace of God (Acts 20:24). When OneMind 360
lives, moves and acts as a useful Quest 49
be. This understanding acts on the mental RightUsefulness 12
have our being (Acts 17:28). We SoundlessMusic 36
they have some actual relevancy to daily Wisdom1 26
I mean our actual survival. If we Wisdom1 63
the grace of actual realization. When someone BeyondTheDream 82
experience, not an actual reality, we become BeyondTheDream 106
and harmony are actual realities. And these Dialogues 30
spiritual values as actual realities rather than Dialogues 30
protection and safety? Actual safety? Comment: I Dialogues 93
me that the actual institutions themselvesinsofar Dialogues 127
aware of the actual thought as it OneMind 100
to see the actual thought before we OneMind 100
What is the actual meaning of that OneMind 255
How did the actual interest die? She OneMind 276
something to the actual time of birth OneMind 288
The Principles are actual. They reveal the OneMind 364
and comprehends its actual reality. Fascination is Quest 6
ignoring of the actual. It is the Quest 100
not seeing the actual. Moreover, they further Quest 102
consciousness from its actual existential ground, thus Quest 117
different meanings. In actual therapeutic practice, however Quest 127
as nondimensional actualities. Lets enumerate HierarchyOfValues 32
humor and in actuality it is but BeyondTheDream 129
Intelligence and the actuality of it, which Compassion 20
religiosity into an actualization of being a BeyondTheDream 298
selffulfillment, selfactualization and selfrealization Commentaries 23
religiosity into an actualization of being a Compassion 11
It is the actualization of existentially valid Existential 19
of Existence and actualize in himself the BeyondTheDream 154
man can realize, actualize, and express. To BeyondTheDream 202
and endeavoring to actualize them existentially that Existential 41
the freedom to actualize our true potentialities Existential 102
are able to actualize it in our Existential 177
persistent endeavor to actualize the loving mode Quest 65
commandment would become actualized right here. It Dialogues 144
the therapist has actualized it in his Existential 165
need to be actualizedthey need to OneMind 364
first principle, when actualized in daily living SoundlessMusic 30
operationalism. Enlightened man actualizes within himself the BeyondTheDream 54
and grows and actualizes his potentialities in BeyondTheDream 194
were channeled into actualizing a perfect life Dialogues 180
that he is actualizing in his daily Existential 90
consciousnesses, reflecting and actualizing in the world Existential 172
refer to as actualizing the Principles? Dr OneMind 364
mind and can actually lead to mental WhatDoesGodWant 20
human wanting is actually very childish. Children WhatDoesGodWant 21
What does it actually mean to be WhatDoesGodWant 25
about God to actually being here for WhatDoesGodWant 25
for God, he actually is here for WhatDoesGodWant 25
to me what actually gets us there Wisdom1 18
but nobody can actually miss out on Wisdom1 19
seems that way. Actually all is one Wisdom1 34
right? They are actually doing this in Wisdom1 37
Student: Did Jesus actually transport himself? Dr Wisdom1 39
are loving and actually find in their Wisdom1 45
interaction process, so actually it is dangerous Wisdom1 56
s good and actually that is really Wisdom1 57
s sake. Student: Actually, that sounds very Wisdom1 99
understanding and what actually leads to understanding Wisdom1 119
wisely and cautiously, actually begin to see BeyondTheDream 6
it must be actually realized, otherwise the BeyondTheDream 6
out of nothing. Actually the universe is BeyondTheDream 14
liberate man, can actually enslave him, and BeyondTheDream 24
had been pinned, actually died, in spite BeyondTheDream 26
his impotency was actually a good sign BeyondTheDream 29
existential philosophical conceptualization, actually means reverent, lovingBeyondTheDream 31
know something and actually it is not BeyondTheDream 38
be sincerely interested. Actually, there is nothing BeyondTheDream 43
natural way, but actually it does not BeyondTheDream 46
egotism instead, but actually this is not BeyondTheDream 57
for psychotherapy while actually seeking to find BeyondTheDream 76
of problems, but actually welcome them as BeyondTheDream 76
inspiration and understanding. Actually, real life is BeyondTheDream 83
very substantial, but actually they are just BeyondTheDream 90
material substance. But actually matter is not BeyondTheDream 90
not realize that actually what we are BeyondTheDream 126
a virtue, is actually just an illusory BeyondTheDream 127
is psychological is actually material. Spiritual is BeyondTheDream 133
in individual lives. Actually, there is only BeyondTheDream 135
husband. She was actually living the life BeyondTheDream 136
aware of, and actually heard her mother BeyondTheDream 136
good sex but actually become sicker in BeyondTheDream 143
confirm himself as actually existing as an BeyondTheDream 145
blessedness, and that actually nothing else is BeyondTheDream 148
for it. But actually this is not BeyondTheDream 157
little healing has actually taken place in BeyondTheDream 158
of internal politics, actually forget that we BeyondTheDream 159
afford protection, but actually tends to invite BeyondTheDream 162
conundrum. There is actually no solution to BeyondTheDream 163
safety and we actually can be safe BeyondTheDream 164
them, but one actually realizes them. This BeyondTheDream 165
Believe only, he actually says: Shift your BeyondTheDream 187
while inevitable, is actually not necessary. In BeyondTheDream 188
a semantic refinement; actually, the prevalent mode BeyondTheDream 189
parent substitute and actually takes over the BeyondTheDream 192
techniques. We must actually be healed and BeyondTheDream 194
the children are actually being trained to BeyondTheDream 207
religious statement, but actually it is a BeyondTheDream 219
on words, but actually can unmask certain BeyondTheDream 225
and harmony but actually we seek friction BeyondTheDream 244
admiration, this can actually amount to an BeyondTheDream 245
only possible but actually the only Reality BeyondTheDream 246
anxiety, it is actually not the problem BeyondTheDream 249
that it is actually just a heightened BeyondTheDream 249
Therefore, it is actually healthy to be BeyondTheDream 249
feeling bad are actually the same, with BeyondTheDream 250
feel? This is actually a harmful custom BeyondTheDream 251
14). This sentence actually affirms the fact BeyondTheDream 281
and empathy are actually pathogenic, which means BeyondTheDream 282
ego control, which actually means selfconfirmatory BeyondTheDream 285
The two are actually one. The male CanMeditationBeDone 21
of our mind actually constitutes the ego CanMeditationBeDone 25
attached to them. Actually, attachment is not Commentaries 3
be a change. Actually, nothing has to Compassion 21
or healing but actually nothing has changed Compassion 21
as a leaf? Actually there is no Compassion 24
are very difficultactually impossibleto give Dialogues 16
principle, but you actually allowed it to Dialogues 48
about God and actually basing ones Dialogues 70
of an illness, actually make us feel Dialogues 84
awfully wrong. I actually realized that all Dialogues 102
be real. But actually it isnt Dialogues 103
cope with life? Actually it is possible Dialogues 121
meaning. One can actually be reborn of Dialogues 134
Hora: Not necessarily. Actually, it is healthy Dialogues 152
my mother and actually identified myself with Dialogues 170
and patient. But, actually, there is no Dialogues 209
vulnerable but it actually invites attack. Knowledgeableness Dialogues 219
forgive someone, but actually the issue is Dialogues 220
issue of forgiveness. Actually, the issue is Dialogues 220
compulsive ruminations were actually mental rehearsals of Existential 37
is this therapy actually done? Dr. Hora Existential 37
logical, and comfortable, actually does not correspond Existential 45
is present and actually does the work Existential 59
goal of authenticity? Actually, it is very Existential 91
phenomenon. We are actually asking: What are Existential 92
affliction but is actually a passion. Contrary Existential 104
as a power. Actually, darkness is nothing Existential 107
that many people actually enjoy being that Existential 111
aliveness. There is actually a fear of Existential 118
and fear, but actually they are also Existential 119
not be fatiguing. Actually it would be Existential 129
looks complicated but actually it is simple Existential 144
that way, but actually darkness is not Existential 149
behavioral therapy would actually mean an aggravation Existential 159
see, you can actually imagine that this Existential 197
seeking help, but actually he is protecting Existential 233
we have to actually say, I forgive Forgiveness 9
us. This can actually result in a Forgiveness 11
somewhat frightening, but actually it is not GodInPsychiatry 12
happened here is actually nothing; it never Healing 14
spiritual. We are actually spiritual beings, but Healing 33
that we will actually live in this HierarchyOfValues 25
map, we may actually discover that it HierarchyOfValues 26
that they are actually attracted to someone MarriageAndFamily 6
PAGL are separated. Actually, it is orgasm MarriageAndFamily 8
fantasies upon us. Actually, they become miscreators MarriageAndFamily 24
So is that actually the activity of OneMind 38
isnt it actually Gods wisdom OneMind 38
program that was actually funny, where the OneMind 65
with us and actually transform our seeing OneMind 69
we are learning actually become an authentic OneMind 71
self. That is actually what happensone OneMind 92
Student: Are we actually saying that it OneMind 110
moral? Dr. Hora: Actually more than moral OneMind 149
time we would actually spend being silent OneMind 155
But it can actually become a valid OneMind 158
work; I am actually very quiet unless OneMind 175
and experiences are actually illusions. But what OneMind 177
believed it; but actually she was ambidextrous OneMind 187
where that would actually occur? Like on OneMind 197
is experiencing. So actually everyone craves pain OneMind 205
are being ignored. Actually the worst thing OneMind 211
nice. It is actually very ugly because OneMind 241
engaged in life. Actually, we are not OneMind 242
we really are. Actually, it is impossible OneMind 252
words. This is actually an obstacle. There OneMind 261
that this is actually denying the presence OneMind 307
and consciousness is actually immersed into a OneMind 321
often to people. Actually, this is the OneMind 324
it; we must actually live as though OneMind 324
that we must actually realize the reality OneMind 327
profession and in actually applying it, the OneMind 342
orderliness. You can actually see the spiritual OneMind 345
The answer was actually contained in the OneMind 351
great stumbling block. Actually, the person is OneMind 352
if the sun actually comes up! In OneMind 353
if the sun actually rises? Student: We OneMind 354
be concerned because actually it is none OneMind 354
the morning and actually participate in the OneMind 355
of personhood can actually be reflected by OneMind 357
existence, which is actually nonsense existence. The OneMind 359
seems so important, actually does exist? Dr OneMind 368
selfconfirmatory ideation. Actually ideation is just OneMind 371
through the Bible, actually. Dr. Hora: The OneMind 373
biblical point. And actually there is no OneMind 376
considered a wimp. Actually, a wimp is OneMind 387
even there. Student: Actually God is always OneMind 389
instance, Chuangtzu actually revealed and taught Quest 5
healthproducing. There actually is a psychoanalytic Quest 15
feels something, when actually one only thinks Quest 22
whether this is actually taking place to Quest 52
most pressing problem. Actually, what happened was Quest 99
experienced as frightening. Actually, love requires man Quest 99
yet it is actually the most difficult Quest 125
Matt. 9:16). Actually, the new wave RightUsefulness 14
of spiritual Reality. Actually, Darwins theory SelfTranscendence 10
power, and we actually feel that we SelfTranscendence 18
to be, but actually do not exist SelfTranscendence 18
Gal. 5:17). Actually, this describes the SelfTranscendence 18
great blessing, as actually a gift of SelfTranscendence 20
like nothingness but actually it is absolute SoundlessMusic 31