would seem to absolve the victimizers. We BeyondTheDream 181
s inclination to absorb messages and to Quest 3
him are fully absorbed in experiencing the BeyondTheDream 1
sponge which has absorbed certain ideas about BeyondTheDream 56
it. Furthermore, he absorbed the value system BeyondTheDream 186
his awareness is absorbed in feelings and Dialogues 178
was just completely absorbed in that statement OneMind 32
and became wholly absorbed in that one OneMind 32
The children, having absorbed these values, proceeded Quest 2
levels but an absorbing and transforming of Quest 13
God, we must abstain from critical thoughts BeyondTheDream 93
not refer to abstaining from food. He BeyondTheDream 92
He referred to abstaining from certain ways BeyondTheDream 92
It is the abstaining from entertaining existentially BeyondTheDream 93
fasting, that is, abstaining from hearing with Quest 4
issue is not abstinence but a realization Dialogues 125
not imply that abstinence in and of Existential 5
a matter of abstinence or refraining. It MarriageAndFamily 7
good seems so abstract? While spiritual good WhatDoesGodWant 10
than on the abstract. We get attached BeyondTheDream 100
the capacity for abstract thinking and to BeyondTheDream 172
have a form. Abstract thinking was not BeyondTheDream 173
there is mostly abstract art, usually in BeyondTheDream 262
is tangible, the abstract is thinkable, but Commentaries 31
can something intangible, abstract, be good? Comment Dialogues 60
Is the good abstract or concrete? Comment Dialogues 61
Something thats abstract is intellectual, and Dialogues 61
real is neither abstract nor concrete. Dr Dialogues 61
we have an abstract knowledge of the Dialogues 62
know What? The abstract knowledge of the Dialogues 62
God is neither abstract nor concrete, it Dialogues 62
Reality is neither abstract nor concrete, neither Dialogues 62
is knowable. The abstract we can think Dialogues 62
the faculty of abstract thinking; he is Dialogues 178
neither concrete nor abstract. He can perceive Dialogues 178
case of an abstract sculptor like Brancusi Existential 21
like dadaism and abstract expressionism. At certain Existential 23
beauty concrete or abstract? Dr. Hora: Before Existential 23
it was an abstract idea in his Existential 23
representation of this abstract idea. We are Existential 23
can be both abstract and concrete. But Existential 23
it is neither abstract nor concrete, it Existential 23
say something is abstract, we say it Existential 23
is material. The abstract is intangible, the Existential 23
the capacity for abstract thinking and to GodInPsychiatry 10
to have form. Abstract thinking was not GodInPsychiatry 11
result is called abstract expressionism. They tried OneMind 41
is representational or abstractwhat matters is OneMind 41
have abilities of abstract thought and a OneMind 149
neither concrete nor abstract. That which is Quest 28
neither concrete nor abstract defies thought. Comment Quest 28
that which is abstract is thinkable, but Quest 28
other words, the abstract ideas portrayed by Quest 31
system whereby the abstract may become demonstrably Quest 31
of concretizing the abstract, that is, objectifying Quest 34
he is neither abstract nor concrete. For Quest 75
concrete. For the abstract is that which Quest 75
which is neither abstract nor concrete. We Quest 75
attached to the abstract, alien self. Love Quest 100
the direction of abstracting and dissolving the Quest 34
of a theological abstraction will be greatly BeyondTheDream 9
intellectual is an abstraction, but if the BeyondTheDream 92
but if the abstraction is valid, it BeyondTheDream 92
very useful intellectual abstraction God is love BeyondTheDream 92
a way, an abstraction of Reality because BeyondTheDream 92
to confirm this abstraction as a concrete Quest 32
at doing medical abstracts in her job Existential 50
It can be absurd. It can go Wisdom1 62
not sound so absurd to us anymore BeyondTheDream 103
course, would seem absurd because in the BeyondTheDream 124
others may seem absurd and illogical? Jesus BeyondTheDream 269
and thats absurd, isnt it Dialogues 32
on unreality is absurd. Comment: I noticed Dialogues 53
Isnt that absurd? We can put Dialogues 102
impractical and even absurd. Comment: It is Dialogues 133
Isnt it absurd? Interaction is based Dialogues 209
Isnt it absurd to hope ever OneMind 2
are even more absurd conditions. Human love OneMind 35
fashion. These were absurd remedies, and they OneMind 382
some as an absurd and irritating nuisance Quest 16
strikes him as absurd and rather an Quest 106
Comment: Laughing at absurdities, paradoxes of experience Dialogues 29
ultimate point of absurdity by rendering an BeyondTheDream 190
this reductio ad absurdum! Of course, it OneMind 320
us is an abundance of intelligent, spiritual WhatDoesGodWant 4
there will be abundance of good in Wisdom1 35
where there is abundance of love, of Wisdom1 75
good. There is abundance. As Jesus said Wisdom1 75
sex? No, the abundance of divine good Wisdom1 75
to lack? Student: Abundance. Dr. Hora: Abundance Wisdom1 79
Abundance. Dr. Hora: Abundance, of course. You Wisdom1 79
there is an abundance of money, and Dialogues 39
the floodgates of abundance of the divine Dialogues 42
power of divine abundance. Comment: When I Dialogues 43
It is the abundance of Gods Dialogues 61
thought of infinite abundance of supply. And Dialogues 66
shall have more abundance; but whosoever hath Dialogues 107
endowed with an abundance of everything good Dialogues 110
we need in abundance. Money cannot buy Dialogues 216
talking about? The abundance of good is Existential 204
shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath OneMind 96
he shall have abundance: but from him Quest 73
shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath RightUsefulness 3
idea of what abundance is and what RightUsefulness 3