the intelligent and abundant life and what Commentaries 10
What kind of abundant life did Jesus Compassion 22
in mind? The abundant life that is Compassion 22
What is the abundant life? It is Dialogues 61
Jesus called the abundant life. I want Existential 125
he recommended the abundant and triumphant life Existential 169
thats the abundant life which Jesus Existential 204
and that the abundant life Jesus spoke RightUsefulness 8
reality. The expression abundant is semantically inappropriate RightUsefulness 8
relationships? No. The abundant life is based SoundlessMusic 29
have it more abundantly? (John 10:10 Wisdom1 35
have it more abundantly? (John 10:10 Wisdom1 75
have it more abundantly (John 10:10 Compassion 22
have it more abundantly. Dr. Hora: Yes Dialogues 61
have it more abundantly (John 10:10 Dialogues 170
have it more abundantly (John 10:10 Existential 204
have it more abundantly (John 10:10 SoundlessMusic 29
course in child abuse.? I have had Wisdom1 69
lectures about child abuse. (laughter) What did Wisdom1 69
and humiliation and abuse, because somewhere in Wisdom1 103
choice you choose abuse; it?s better Wisdom1 103
invalid ideas of abuse of the past Wisdom1 104
physical beatings and abuse, a child may BeyondTheDream 135
person would naturally abuse himself in cleaning Dialogues 76
difference between selfabuse and usefulness? Comment Dialogues 76
forms of selfabuse. You hear people Dialogues 76
myself exhausted. Selfabuse, selfpampering and Dialogues 76
a victim of abuse. Comment: I guess Dialogues 133
subjected to verbal abuse by a supervisor Existential 127
that tirade of abuse, was not upset Existential 127
a victim of abuse. He was responding Forgiveness 10
are immune to abuse. In the Bible Forgiveness 10
just compounding the abuse. Student: How do OneMind 138
this kind of abuse and conditioning. One OneMind 200
abused or to abuse. Now you could OneMind 201
subjected to painful abuse or by subjecting OneMind 202
helpless, endure sexual abuse, and then become OneMind 206
experience pain and abuse. Student: Dr. Hora OneMind 206
all kinds of abuse and humiliation and OneMind 275
to oppression, to abuse, to pressure, to OneMind 275
experience of being abused psychologically and physically Wisdom1 37
a child is abused, beaten, tortured, or Wisdom1 103
people who are abused in their childhood Wisdom1 103
a child gets abused, because he is Wisdom1 104
even socalled abused children. Most of BeyondTheDream 120
being defiled, humiliated, abused, even tortured. There BeyondTheDream 144
persecutors who humiliated, abused and tortured him Commentaries 20
after she has abused herself during house Dialogues 76
seeking to be abused. Now clearly, there Existential 213
ways they were abused or maltreated. It Forgiveness 4
child is badly abused, tyrannized and intimidated HierarchyOfValues 18
often distorted and abused, and most of OneMind 59
is interesting that abused children have just OneMind 138
children. Maybe the abused child has even OneMind 138
what about the abused child who has OneMind 138
as a poor, abused person. Dr. Hora OneMind 200
she enjoyed being abused. Now this sounds OneMind 201
desire to be abused or to abuse OneMind 201
child is being abused by an adult OneMind 206
handcuffed, drugged, sexually abused, and gradually murdered OneMind 206
maybe you were abused as a child OneMind 236
bondage, very much abused and unhappy. Initially OneMind 374
was a sadistic abuser, and this woman OneMind 200
disasters, sicknesses, maltreatments, abuses, all kinds of Wisdom1 103
be no manipulative abuses. There will be BeyondTheDream 190
of deviations, misuses, abuses, and their psycho Quest 50
that somebody is abusing a child and Wisdom1 69
we are not abusing ourselves, we are Dialogues 76
rage. He was abusing her in the OneMind 143
was torturing and abusing this woman in OneMind 200
the man enjoyed abusing her, and she OneMind 201
to relive certain abusive experiences from childhood Wisdom1 103
behaves in an abusive way with the Existential 81
is hostile, aggressive, abusive. We can react Existential 127
willing to be abusive to us is Forgiveness 8
down into the abyss of absolute nothingness BeyondTheDream 148
the study of aca demic subjects where RightUsefulness 22
frequently encountered in academic circles is the BeyondTheDream 65
philosophy or any academic subject. Metapsychiatry is BeyondTheDream 75
nor operational, nor academic, but existential. What BeyondTheDream 194
which is transformation. Academic education is essentially BeyondTheDream 194
school system or academic education, but in Dialogues 95
not philosophical or academic; it is existential Existential 9
knows, especially in academic circles, that intellectuals OneMind 242
and contentiousness. The academic worlds motivation RightUsefulness 24
philosophers, and even academic theologians find it SoundlessMusic 23
Metapsychiatry is ahistorical, acausal, and nonteleological. This BeyondTheDream 80
Metapsychiatry is ahistorical, acausal, and nonteleological, it BeyondTheDream 81
released in an accelerator, the resultant energy HierarchyOfValues 22
he have an accent? Is he crippled Quest 12
t have to accept that. We have Wisdom1 85
was afraid to accept the job, and Wisdom1 93
But if we accept the principle that Wisdom1 127
forgiven if we accept incorrect ideas because BeyondTheDream 5
fear but to accept. The right understanding BeyondTheDream 29
he have to accept the patients BeyondTheDream 29
we tend to accept unwittingly certain values BeyondTheDream 55
not willing to accept them because they BeyondTheDream 86
with us and accept this information, even BeyondTheDream 97
to others to accept or reject. We BeyondTheDream 124
reject or to accept is the same BeyondTheDream 125
way. If we accept someone, we are BeyondTheDream 125
The moment we accept a logical cause BeyondTheDream 130
contemplate and to accept. The result is BeyondTheDream 186
Unfortunately, if we accept that proposition, our BeyondTheDream 249
claim responsibility and accept blame for something BeyondTheDream 266
own thoughts. We accept responsibility for them BeyondTheDream 278
respect us or accept us. It is Compassion 17
the moment we accept the should thought Dialogues 42
the moment we accept pleasure, we also Dialogues 116
pleasure, we also accept pain and fear Dialogues 116
Comment: If we accept the proposition that Dialogues 133
is easy to accept something that is Dialogues 160
too embarrassed to accept a healing. Comment Dialogues 163
just have to accept a healing no Dialogues 163
highly embarrassing to accept a healing because Dialogues 165
for me to accept, since Jesus was Dialogues 180
is difficult to accept. We would all Dialogues 190
for them to accept it, they go Dialogues 190
is hard to accept. Life is consciousness Dialogues 194
God? If we accept the will of Dialogues 221
parent would ever accept that idea. Comment Dialogues 226
truth. And we accept it. We are Existential 8
not have to accept anything. All that Existential 9
psychology. If we accept these things on Existential 36
anything or to accept anything. What happens Existential 49
to believe or accept anything; it is Existential 49
are we to accept or not accept Existential 69
accept or not accept anyone? The moment Existential 69
own context and accept our context. That Existential 78
come back and accept therapy. What do Existential 80
Question: Must we accept these religious concepts Existential 101
we have to accept the patients Existential 162
believe anything or accept anything on the Existential 177
little difficult to accept because it hurts Existential 184
the temptation to accept compliments. He knew Existential 214
general, people blindly accept the idea that MarriageAndFamily 17
point where we accept that we cannot OneMind 70
either. They would accept her rationalization that OneMind 100
I believe; I accept. But that does OneMind 108
other individual to accept our point of OneMind 154
us, or to accept our point of OneMind 155
seems difficult to accept that there are OneMind 162
disagree, not to accept and not to OneMind 165
is willing to accept an invitation from OneMind 206
how could they accept the fact that OneMind 255
help. You can accept this as a OneMind 265
to believe or accept that we have OneMind 287
fact, if you accept the guilt, that OneMind 300
happens if we accept this word, self OneMind 369
Hora: You just accept it, and be OneMind 379
it? Do I accept it, or do Quest 74
or disagree, to accept or reject them Quest 74
the more we accept the assumption that Quest 78
bull. Comment: You accept the bull. Dr Quest 95
Hora: When you accept the bull, you Quest 95
Many people willingly accept dangerous assignments, even RightUsefulness 18
believe in, to accept or to reject SoundlessMusic 18
not have to accept anything, and we SoundlessMusic 19
have come to accept these standard questions SoundlessMusic 21