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These recordings were originally made on tape, using the technology of the time, so ambient noise remains a part of the listening experience. Audio samples identified as having distinctly poorer sound quality are identified with an ** next to the title.


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Lecture 050 - Ambition and Aspiration - Tracks 1&2
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Summary:Track 1&2 - "Ambition and Aspiration" from Lecture 050 - with Dr. Thomas Hora. SUMMARY: Student asks about previously presented case about a boy, and Dr. Hora had observed that the boy suffers from parents’ ambition. –Difference between conceptual and existential communication—Difference between a teacher and a therapist—Information vs. transformation—The therapist as an existential model—A patient’s subliminal awareness of therapist’s mode of being-in-the-world—Children as extension of parental consciousness—Definitions of “ambition” and “aspiration—Breathing mentally—Receptivity to creative intelligent ideas—The art of therapy—Ambition and calculative thinking—Importance of therapist’s mode of being-in-the-world—The essence of inspired creativity—Metapsychiatric therapy vs. traditional therapies—Definition of “person”—Separating reality from pretense in a patient—Discerning a mode of being—Individuals, not persons—The art of phenomenological analysis—Unimportance of historical events—Blame obstructs healing.

Lecture 051 - The Stuff Of Life - Tracks 1&2
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Summary:Track 1&2 - "The Stuff Of Life" from Lecture 051 - with Dr. Thomas Hora. SUMMARY: Thought is the basic stuff of life—The meaning of: “In the beginning was the word…”—The physical is mental—the appearance of concepts—The universe is a thought in the Divine Mind—The dynamics of creative ideas—obtaining and transmuting of thoughts—Thoughts as units of mental energy—The tendency of thoughts to transmute into concepts, speech, behavior or symptoms—Thoughts made visible—Phenomena—Everything in the phenomenal world is a manifestation of thought—Seeking the meaning of a phenomenon—Cause & effect reasoning vs. discernment of meaning—Mental equivalents—Healing vs. sickening thoughts—Emotions as manifestations of thoughts—The transmutation of thought to emotion to symptom—Healing vs. curing—Wholeness—At-one-ment—“The devil”—Self-confirmatory ideation—Explosive and impulsive personalities—Thoughts precede concepts—Children as extensions of parental consciousness—Heraclitus: “Without thought there is nothing”—(Quotes of Shakespeare, The Bible, Buddha on the importance of thought)—We see with our thoughts—“The Sea of Mental Garbage”—“The firmament” in Genesis—Discerning the origin of our thoughts—The method of Metapsychiatric therapy.

Lecture 052 - Attention - Tracks 1&2
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Summary:Track 1&2 - "Attention" from Lecture 052 - with Dr. Thomas Hora. SUMMARY: Knowing God’s thoughts—Existential validation and PAGL—Response to inner disturbance when working with a patient—Meditation and prayer—3 phases of meditation: verbal, contemplative, listening—God is our Ego—Self-transcendence—Realization vs. experiencing—The importance of meditation—Consensual validation/sharing of an illusion—Normal life’s dream state vs. wakefulness—Divine consciousness is the substance of the Universe—Cogitation/calculative thinking vs. inspired thought—Paying attention— The epistemological Christly principle of psychotherapy: “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”(John 15:13)—“The 4 W's” (Who am I? What am I? Where am I? What is my purpose in life?).