Seminar 066 – 60 Minutes with Dr. Hora – Track 2

Track 2 – “60 Minutes with Dr. Hora” from Lecture 066 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Enlightened man will neither be passive nor aggressive, he will be responsive, intelligently, lovingly responsive to manifest need, from moment to moment. Finding a direct knowledge of God. A beneficial presence, is not a person, it is an individual that manifests spiritual qualities. What makes man a spiritual being? Man has the capacity of becoming consciously aware and developing the faculty to discern and appreciate spiritual values and spiritual qualities. Man’s spiritual nature demands that he become increasingly spiritually minded. A cow is a life form and life is spirit, but we cannot say that a cow is a spiritual being. Man is unique on earth, in that he is a spiritual being. You can respond to invalid aspects of the world. Psychological is purely horizontal and existential/Spiritual is full dimensional. We experience darkness and light, this does not mean that there such a thing as darkness, it is insubstantial and does not exist. Similarly evil does not exist, but it is experienced by man. What is the source of all ignorance in the world? A: Judging by appearances. Judge not by the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. Seeing with righteous judgment is to see by God’s eyes. If we can not judge by experience, what is left to us? The meaning and purpose of life it to come to know reality. Experience is organismic. Realization takes place in consciousness. Where is consciousness? A: It can not be localized, because it is infinite. Metapsychiatry is a positive approach to finding reality via dialectics/juxtaposition. It’s approach sits in contrast to others which work on the basis of elimination of all non-reality.