Seminar 056 – A Sense of Culpability – Track 1

Track 1 – “A Sense of Culpability” from Lecture 056 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Meaning of the word “Responsibility” — importance of knowing difference between responsibility from culpability — issue of responsibility in therapeutic settings — responsibility means the ability to respond — increasing the capacity to respond in helpful way to what clients present — culpability presumes personal power to do right or wrong — power to respond is not a personal power — responsiveness is spiritual faculty — culpability is self-confirming – it is bragging — responsiveness has healing power — responsiveness is of God, blaming is self-confirming — blameworthiness, guilt and culpability is negative boasting — blame goes to ignorance — credit goes to God — negative and positive ignorance —maliciousness is ignorance — to prosper in life love approach is necessary — loving ones enemies — pain resulting from false sense of responsibility — transference – counter transference jam up — importance of therapists consciousness —desire to be liked makes us corruptible.