Seminar 041 – Admiration – Track 2

Track 2 – Admiration – Audio 041 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Ceaseless prayer is learning to see everything in the context of divine love intelligence, maintaining a transcendent perspective. Phenomenological perceptivity: open minded confrontation with that which reveals itself from moment to moment; the open mind requires a wide mental horizon, one uncluttered by preconceptions, prejudices and calculative thinking. As therapists, all we are doing is maintaining an open mind and awaiting for the meaning to reveal itself. The therapist can not heal. The therapist can do nothing. The Truth heals. The therapist is a medium via which the truth can reach the patient’s consciousness. Healing is grace manifest. What satisfaction is there in being a psychotherapist? Seeing God in action; Seeking ego gratification from our work; The metapsychiatric therapist seeks the joy of beholding, seeing God in action.