Seminar 041 – Admiration – Track 1

Track 1 – Admiration – Audio 041 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

The question Why? What is the meaning?… Fever/Chills is a phenomenon. The meaning is fear. Healing comes from showing the patient that there is no reason to fear. Children manifest…; Each symptom has a meaning to a particular individual. The Three R’s (Recognition; Regret; Reformation); Fear is the most prolific source of disease; The secret of fearlessness is perfect lovingness. Young lady case: Admiration vs. Love; Admiration is self-confirmatory and pathogenic (if feels good, but you can’t get enough); Love is God-confirmatory and is health promoting (Love is an appreciation of the essential qualities of an individual, so it reinforces the awareness of the good of God in an individual.) Love provides us a genuine sense of self worth. Self confirmatory ideation vs. Self worth (Healthy self-esteem); Seeing the problem (Psychotherapy) vs. Seeing the meaning of the problem (Metapsychiatry = 1st “R”); Problems can appear to be very serious and difficult to deal with; Cause vs. Ignorance; Finding a cause makes a problem real; Children manifest the mental climate of the home; What is ceaseless prayer? How can we do ceaseless prayer with all that we have to do?