Seminar 044 – Beyond Psychosomatics #2 – Track 2

Track 2 – Beyond Psychosomatics #2 – Audio 044 with Dr. Thomas Hora.

When we have learned the existentially valid mode of being in the world, we will be healed of our problems. Because our Mode of being in the world is in harmony with the fundamental order of existence, as defined by God Love/Intelligence. Sanity is living in harmony with Love/Intelligence. We have certain manners of thinking, which may manifest in psychosomatic disturbances. Problems are lessons designed for our edification. Problems help us learn to live more intelligently. There are grave conditions where the meaning is so obscure, or when the patient is so deeply involved in the situation, that there is no way of approaching the problem via phenomenological analysis, leaving only the traditional ways of alleviating the suffering, as unsatisfactory as they may be. The more we can learn to live in harmony with the fundamental order of the universe, the more protection we obtain from the common inflictions suffered by most of humanity. Everything has a meaning, though not all meanings may be discerned. If a patient is ready to face a meaning and if there is the humility to face up to the meanings, the problem can disappear, though the realization of spiritual reality. One surgery is commonly followed by another, because the problem though alleviated, is not solved, until it is understand what the problem came to teach. Medicine knows well that there is no direct relationship between a bacterial invention and the manifestation of the disease. There is an intermediate step, which is called receptivity. The question is where does receptivity come from?