Seminar 044 – Beyond Psychosomatics #2 – Track 1

Track 1 – Beyond Psychosomatics #2 – Audio 044 with Dr. Thomas Hora.

The mind and the body are one. There is no separation. Metapsychiatry treats modes of being in the world. Adjustment is an operational function it can be done. Adaptation can be done. Lifestyles are chosen. Modes of being in the world are expressions of our basic assumptions values and education/culture which produce the way we see life. How can we understand an individual’s Mode of being in the world? A: Phenomenological analysis: the analysis of what seems to be. Everything that happens to us on life has a meaning. What is a meaning? A: The mental equivalent of a phenomenon, of what appears to be. A headache is a phenomenon. He that seeks reasons only finds excuses. We are not interested in causes of phenomena but in the meaning of phenomena. A meaning is always a thought that underlies a particular phenomenon. Nothing causes physical symptoms, but a thought can take on the form of a physical symptom. We seek the meaning of a phenomenon with patients. If the mind and the body are one, the mind cannot cause a headache, but a thought can take on the form of a headache. Transcending cause and effect reasoning. Language is a language and our habits of thinking interpret reality. Interpretation vs. phenomenological discernment. When we discern a meaning we see what a patient thinks really is. After we identify the meaning, the symptom will get worse, with a trace of humility will come embarrassment. What is healthy?