Seminar 050 – Ambition and Aspiration – Tracks 1&2

Track 1&2 – “Ambition and Aspiration” from Lecture 050 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Student asks about previously presented case about a boy, and Dr. Hora had observed that the boy suffers from parents’ ambition. –Difference between conceptual and existential communication—Difference between a teacher and a therapist—Information vs. transformation—The therapist as an existential model—A patient’s subliminal awareness of therapist’s mode of being-in-the-world—Children as extension of parental consciousness—Definitions of “ambition” and “aspiration—Breathing mentally—Receptivity to creative intelligent ideas—The art of therapy—Ambition and calculative thinking—Importance of therapist’s mode of being-in-the-world—The essence of inspired creativity—Metapsychiatric therapy vs. traditional therapies—Definition of “person”—Separating reality from pretense in a patient—Discerning a mode of being—Individuals, not persons—The art of phenomenological analysis—Unimportance of historical events—Blame obstructs healing.