Seminar 052 – Attention – Tracks 1&2

Track 1&2 – “Attention” from Lecture 052 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Knowing God’s thoughts—Existential validation and PAGL—Response to inner disturbance when working with a patient—Meditation and prayer—3 phases of meditation: verbal, contemplative, listening—God is our Ego—Self-transcendence—Realization vs. experiencing—The importance of meditation—Consensual validation/sharing of an illusion—Normal life’s dream state vs. wakefulness—Divine consciousness is the substance of the Universe—Cogitation/calculative thinking vs. inspired thought—Paying attention— The epistemological Christly principle of psychotherapy: “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”(John 15:13)—“The 4 W’s” (Who am I? What am I? Where am I? What is my purpose in life?).