Seminar 055 – Evolution of Knowledge – Track 2

Track 2 – “Evolution of Knowledge” from Lecture 055 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Inter-Galactic viewpoint analogous to trans-personal view — existential psychotherapy sees man in the context of existence corresponds to cosmic viewpoint on the universe — beyond existential view is apocalyptic view of man corresponding to catastrophic view of universe – life after this life — broader view leads to clarity on issues, narrower view clouds issues — Omega point — evolutionary process spearheaded by spiritual luminaries — growth and learning is unceasing — psychosomatic medicine becomes existential phenomenology — mechanical, cause/effect to context of meaning — wholistic approach as multi-dimensional approach — wholeness as harmony with fundamental order of existence — creative force underlying all that really is — Tao — Buddha — nature Allah — all great spiritual sages — understanding what is existentially valid and invalid — possible to know and live in harmony — real wholeness — oneness — fulfillment.