Seminar 055 – Evolution of Knowledge – Track 1

Track 1 – “Evolution of Knowledge” from Lecture 055 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Impact of the ideas of Metapsychiatry on counseling work — meaningfulness is a great surprise to many — riddle of the Sphinx — message of Sphinx as symbolic structure — man’s existence on three levels — man as animal / physical machine — man as human — man as spiritual being with perspective on infinity — eternity: the context of infinity — somatic, somatic-psychic to psycho-somatic medicine to spiritual being living in the context of infinite love-intelligence — all phenomenon as manifestations of meaning — no dualism of mind/body only mind manifesting itself in multifarious ways as phenomena — seek to understand meaning of phenomena and through this comes greater harmony between the individual and the order of the universe — not religion nor science fiction – a more perfect way of understanding life and benefits man through clarifying the meaning of problems ¬— Man is not an animal, not a psyche, but he is a spirit. This is neither religion nor is it science fiction but it is just a more perfect way of understanding life and benefiting ourselves and our fellow man by clarifying the meaning of his problems and helping him to find the meaning of his existence. Life becomes not only harmonious and wholesome but also meaningful through this process.
—parallel between man and the evolution of knowledge of man in the universe — Geo-centric– helio-centric — Galactic view –intergalactic — cataclysmic view – Parallel to this is the evolution of understanding man.