Class 067 – Family Ties – Track 2

Track 2 – “Family Ties” from Class 067 – with Dr. Thomas Hora. SUMMARY: Continuation of issue of fears of physical health, aging vs looking for what is good rather than what is bad – depression regarding marriage – understanding source of good in our lives – ego is suffering, not true self – issue with unhappy mother – “I am suffering from what my mother wants” – can’t suffer from what another wants or does not want – problems from past or current thoughts? – problems are thoughts – only in present moment – possible to pray for ill parent? – problem of wanting something for another – metapsychiatric view of intercessory prayer: to heal our own consciousness – and this can lead to benefits to others – wanting and not wanting from children – seeking to influence is wanting – beauty vs attractiveness – what does God want? – trying vs turning wholeheartedly to God.