Class 067 – Family Ties – Track 1

Track 1 – “Family Ties” from Class 067 – with Dr. Thomas Hora. SUMMARY: Problem with family members is often “wanting” and “not wanting” – symptoms are meaningful – families can be filled with expectations that are destructive – wanting to be loved by family members – solution is to see that we are not “love seekers” we are “love manifesters” – symptoms express thoughts and wants – essentially, what we call “love” is self-confirmation – “approval” is not love and does not lead to happiness – issue of test taking as self-confirmation vs conforming to cultural requirements – experience of test as “chore” vs doing what is required – issue of parenthood – career vs home-making – need for supervision – increasing receptivity through “right seeing” – prayer of beholding – view from the infinite – issue of grandmother moving in, fearing for her future – effective prayer: what God wants, not what we want – What God wants is infinite good – fears of physical health.