Seminar 046 – Fearlessness – Track 2

Track 2 – Fearlessness – Audio 046 with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Sloughing off fear ¬— Fear is prolific source of illnesses of any kind, mental, social, physical, economic — fear is self-confirmatory — possibility of fearfulness. If we could be fearless and loving, we could truly be healthy all the time. — what did Jesus mean by “fear not, believe only?” Trust god? How to trust god if sick —Fear is misdirected interest – when fearful we are interested in ourselves – when primarily interested in ourselves we are fearful — what we suffer from is a misdirected interest in self instead of in God, the transcendent, possible to be healed of self-confirmatory pre-occupations and thus become fearless and loving and harmonious and intelligent and joyful — difference between do-gooder and beneficial presence —stoicism vs healing through spiritual understanding, willfulness vs meekness —shouldnessness — “blessed are the shouldless for their lives shall be fussless.”