Seminar 046 – Fearlessness – Track 1

Track 1 – Fearlessness – Audio 046 with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Futile questions: Why am I afraid and what I am afraid of? There are millions of explanations, but being able to explain something, doesn’t mean we really understand it. Example: “Drawing a blank in a psychotherapy session” = fear. What is the meaning of resistance to the therapist? Traditional psychotherapy is an intrusion into an individual’s personal life. Medical model: The patient is an object. The doctor has the professional privilege of violating the integrity of the object in order to benefit the patient. The patient resists because individuals don’t like to be violated. Resistance occurs when a therapist is treating a disease or the person. Instead, we treat MOBITW for which there need be no need to resist. Example: Steamroller Attorney. Resistance is replaced with a desire to find a better way. Jesus Christ models the existentially valid way, the better way, the qualities and values Jesus taught the world are available to anyone to contemplate and accept as a better way. Treating MOBITW, presses the patients integrity. In order to become fearless we must understand the meaning of fear. Fear comes from a habit of being concerned for ourselves. How am I feeling and how am I doing? The more concern we have, the more intimidating experiences we are likely to encounter => anxiety neurosis.