Seminar 064 – Learning to See the Unseen II – Track 2

Track 2 – “Learning to See the Unseen II” from Lecture 064 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Metapsychiatry was born on the day that it became clear that Man is the image and likeness of God. If man lives in accordance with this fundamental order of reality, then he will spare himself a great deal of suffering. God I constantly manifesting himself. If we are receptive and responsive to these ideas, then all things will go well for us. How do you get rid of a thought of a pink elephant:? We don’t have to get rid of thoughts; we just have to lose interest in them. Principal #1: Thou shalt have no other interests before the good of God, which is spiritual blessedness. The parables of Jesus are teaching methods to assist individuals realize things that can not be imagined. To assist us to get beyond form and formlessness to see spiritual values. Beholding is a special state of consciousness where things are seen with the inner eye in the context of Infinite-Love-Intelligence. Substance of spirit reference to tape ???. Insight. Three modes of being in the world: We can be here for ourselves. We an be here for others. We can be here for God. When we are receptive, the right ideas obtain in consciousness. If we don’t understand that we live in the Ocean of Love-Intelligence, then we live in the Sea of Mental Garbage. Maslow and childhood experiences. We are focused on modes of being in the world. Three Rs: recognition, regret and reorientation. The ego arises out of a misunderstanding of ourselves. God can not be seen, so we believe we are independent. Animal suffering. We exert an influence on animals and they suffer from that influence. What is the best way to help one another and animals? The most powerful way is the prayer of beholding. The prayer is an endeavor of seeing the individual/animal in the context of divine love. Any individual that can old a suffering life form in the context of spiritual reality will have a healing impact, because within the context of divine love, everything is perfect.