Seminar 064 – Learning to See the Unseen II – Track 1

Track 1 – “Learning to See the Unseen II” from Lecture 064 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

The human race has been committing suicide for centuries. The human race seems to suffer from a cognitive deficiency. We don’t see. We need to learn to see (spiritual discernment). Until we cam see, we will continue to commit suicide, because we are like blind man that think they can see. We think we are human beings. We are spiritual beings. We have the ability to see the unseen (spiritual discernment). Spiritual discernment begins where we understand that form is formlessness and formlessness is form. Spiritual values/qualities have neither form nor are they formless. Spiritual discernment starts when we discover the futility of seeing form and formlessness and discover our interesting in seeing God. Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. God is where we go when all else fails. Metapsychiatry is a road map to God. It can keep you on track. Psychic healing and medical cures are counter hypnotism. We don’t utilize principles, we seek to realize them and live by them. We seek to be influential, but do not seek to influence. We consider influence a trespass. We all believe we are thinkers. Thinkers think they can produce thoughts. It is an illusion. We just think that we are thinkers. God is the only thinker. How do we know? We are aware of thoughts. We are individual units of awareness. God is infinite awareness. We have the power to focus our attention on one thought or another. We can be aware of the invalidity or validity of thoughts. Thoughts obtain in consciousness, seemingly from nowhere. In order to have an open mind, the thinker must die. Ideas transmute themselves into action/behavior/other expressions. The more open minded we become, the easier life becomes. Rodin’s The Thinker’s despair is contrasted to The Buddha’s joy. The Buddha is an innocent consciousness. Invalid thoughts come from the sea of mental garbage. Where is the sea of mental garbage? It does not exist. It is not real. How do we know what is valid? The seven steps to development of the faculty of spiritual discernment function like signs on the road. It appears that the meaning and purpose of life is to come to know Reality. Reincarnation. It is the spirit of God, within us, is that which can discern the difference between valid and invalid ideas. Consciousness/life is a gift of God. How do you know what God wants? All human suffering stems from two things: What we want and what we don’t want. We are not here to pursue what we want/don’t want. We are here to pursue what God wants. God wants to be manifest in the world. It is the nature of God to manifest itself in its universe. We manifest God, when we manifest spiritual values. The Bible is absolutely correct when it says that Man is an image and likeness of God.