What is Metapsychiatry?

What is Metapsychiatry?
Metapsychiatry is a method of healing that helps us understand who we are and the purpose of our lives. It was articulated by psychiatrist, Thomas Hora, M.D.

Selected descriptions of Metapsychiatry by Dr. Hora:

“… We have built a new road which is neither religious, nor materially scientific, nor political. We have come to understand it as an epistemological method of truth realization. Metapsychiatry came into the world to put soul into psychiatry and to breathe the life of Spirit into the ‘valley of dry bones.’”

Beyond the Dream: Forward to the Second Edition

“Metapsychiatry is a scientific discipline based on a metaphysical concept of man and the universe. The healing method in Metapsychiatry is found in a special mode of communication centered around a process of hermeneutic clarification of existentially valid principles. This, in turn, brings about qualitative changes in consciousness and results in improved cognitive faculties.”

Dialogue 1: Dialogues in Metapsychiatry

“The aim of Metapsychiatry is to heal man of his afflictions by elevating his consciousness to the recognition of his identity as an image and likeness of God, a spiritual being capable of transcendence.”

Beyond the Dream: Awakening to Reality, p.3.

“In medicine and psychiatry we hear very little about God…In theistic existentialism, which we call “Metapsychiatry”—“meta” meaning “going beyond present-day psychiatry”—we study the relevancy of God-consciousness to mental health and to healing processes involving all aspects of life.”

PAGL.org, Classroom Lectures: Lecture 038, The Right Man