Seminar 048 – Phenomenological Discernment – Track 1

Track 1 – Phenomenological Discernment – Audio 048 with Dr. Thomas Hora.

What is our concept of marriage; joint participation in the good of God. Creative ideas, inspired perception, expressed verbally or in written form; Jesus speaks about new wine in old bottles; Metapsychiatry being both Spiritual and Existential; Six dumb questions; We do not think in terms of what to do; Meaning revealed of mode of being in the world; False sense of personal responsibility; mode of being in the world will induce panic and stimulate a false sense of personal responsibility; No therapy in first phone call or first sessions; Mode of being will unfold in first sessions; Get to see mode of being in the world before you can help patient; Not by doing but by knowing; Phenomenological discernment: discerning what seems to be; Seek to know the meaning of behavior. Very important hidden issues in patient’s life. Clarify with patient to be very helpful; Do nothing, just shed light on what seems to be; Counter transference refers to irrational responses to irrational thoughts; Phenomenological perception is a healthy awareness; Transrational perception; The Word of God; What does the Word of God mean? Metapsychiatry is neither religious nor psychological; Truth of Being; Blessed by phenomenological perceptivity; the discernment of thought; Revealing to patients the meaning of problems is called Hermeneutic clarification; Helps patient to remove darkness to see the light; We do nothing, but allow the light to reveal itself; Not the therapist nor the patient nor anybody; Truth does its own work.