Seminar 061 – Self Transformation – Track 1

Track 1 – “Self Transformation” from Lecture 061 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Introduction to Metapsychiatric therapy — how it works and how it can be helpful to a clearer understanding of life — Eleven Principles — Operational vs Existential — existence: area of life that cannot be done — not psychotherapy; way of learning to see — seeing what really Is — phenomenal world vs what really is — appearances vs spiritual reality — “as thou seest so thou beest” — levels of perception — see thoughts about reality vs seeing reality —imagination vs reality — what is insanity? — need for openminded discernment of spiritual qualities and spiritual values — undefiled consciousness is known as “emptiness” in Zen — no such thing as creative imagination — can received creatively inspired ideas — in Metapsychiatry learning the openminded confrontation of reality—death of the thinking; death of ego; death of illusion of capacity to think — the thinker is in a state of normal insanity — everything we know in Metapsychiatry comes from Taoist philosophers; Zen masters; Hebrew prophets or Jesus Christ—expand seeing from seeing with thoughts to seeing with open mind with spiritual discernment; to see with the spirit—Meister Eckart “I see God with the same eyes as God sees me”— story of Yen Hui — the art of mind-fasting.