Seminar 060 – Spiritual Values in Therapy – Track 1

Track 1 – “Spiritual Values in Therapy” from Lecture 060 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Two Zen stories and quote from Bible illustrating cognitive, behavioral and existential psychology — relevance of Jesus’ and Zen teachings to psychotherapy — awakening faculties of spiritual discernment — importance of values in therapy and spiritual discernment — values, qualities and spiritual values — appreciating meekness and humility — spiritual values lift us out of self-confirmatory ideation — awakening to spiritual awareness is like climbing out of a valley—going from narrower to wider understandings — science and spiritual studies — matter, particles and wave theory in physics — ascension from finite to infinite — seeking to behold reality in the context of cosmic mind — in science matter becomes energy — in existential metapsychiatry phenomena becomes spirit — everything becomes clear in spiritual reality — life becomes healthier, trouble free — five “gates of hell” areas of narrow-mindedness as sources of suffering (life in the valley) — source of love and intelligence — intelligence and love govern us in spiritual reality — from inwardness of things to the infinite context of existence — understanding of Peace, Assurance, Gratitude and Love — whatever we are involved with in the valley will disappear as we ascend — matter becomes spirit — spirit becomes matter — transubstantiation — brain as hologram; nature of universe as holographic — evolutionary hierarchy of values.