Seminar 045 – Symptom Choice – Track 2

Track 2 – Symptom Choice – Audio 045 with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Therapist must discern meaning, help patient see meaning and help her assume responsibility for the problem, without blaming anyone else. Help her regret her mistaken assumption, that otters are causing her to be sick. The moment we have someone to blame, we become incurable, because our healing depends on someone else changing. If we want to be healed, we must assume responsibility for our own sickness. We cannot blame ourselves either. Three R’s. It is not inevitable for us to live in chronic rage. Diathesis, diseases that run in families. Choice of symptom is based on hypnotism. Three approaches to hypnotic suggestion: seduction, provocation, and intimidation. Immunity to hypnotism comes from God consciousness. Two modes of thought: Calculative thought vs. inspired wisdom. Calculative thinking is based on the illusion that man can produce thoughts and figure things out by himself. Inspiration: Creative intelligence obtaining in receptive consciousness from an infinite source of love intelligence. God inspired ideas. Enlightened man knows that he doesn’t produce thoughts. Thoughts obtain in consciousness. Calculative mind is like a computer. The programmer is our experience. Enlightened man’s programmer is God.