Seminar 049 – The Love of Excitement – Track 2

Track 2 – “The Love of Excitement” from Lecture 049 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Continuation of case presentation on “a family issue,” with various members manifesting their unique problems within an invalid mental climate. Guide to point of regret, the 1st R; Valid alternative found for reformation to take place; People have strange ideas about love; What is attention seeking? Excitement and interaction; Drawing attention to oneself; Discordant tones, awakening family to harmonious participation; Value of excitement and boredom can be replaced by opt values, harmony and love; Unconditional benevolence; Transcend personal concept, cannot blame family members; Problems not the people; Problems are the false values; Not treating people or illnesses, but modes of being in the world; Seeking to change values; values have a dynamic impact on our lives; What we cherish, hate and fear can have a great impact on our mode of being in the world; Traditional psychotherapy treats people, Traditional psychology treats diseases, but Metapsychiatry treats modes of being in the world. Value of harmony has a healing affect on family concerned. A good therapist guides family through the three R’s; Establish understanding in the parents so as to benefit the children. Reformation leads to transformation; Changing mental climate in family symptoms will disappear, important to deal with fundamental issues, re: mental issues which influence the family.