Seminar 049 – The Love of Excitement – Track 1

Track 1 – “The Love of Excitement” from Lecture 049 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Audio mainly based on case presentation of family issue presented by class member; Children’s inability to focus at school, various problems amongst family members; How to help family be more comfortable as a unit; Family suffer together, and what are they suffering from? Suffering from excitement; Interaction/personal relations between each family member; Interpersonal relations have a tendency to deteriorate into interactive thinking. It is a love of excitement; Love of the good life based on assumptions; excitement is fulfilling; Excitation and excitement, what is the difference? Excitement is a condition of consciousness which enjoys being disturbed; Search for excitement strong amongst children and teenagers; The more we seek excitement, the more we suffer from boredom; Children in our culture are addicts of excitement, to continuous excitement; Interactive thinking very prevalent; Man is a prisoner of dualistic thinking; Exciting life or boring life, what else might there be as an alternative? We seek a value alternative to excitement and boredom; If you know what, you know how! Cultural disease called love of excitement and fear of boredom; It is an existentially invalid value; Result in a certain pathology; Ultimately accepting false values and trying to live by them; Values can be pathogenic or can be health promoting and healing; Most people want an exciting life, not all want to be healed; Inspiration is not a value, rather it is a means towards a value; Excitement is self confirmatory; How to help family, mentioned in original presentation case? Self confirmatory behavior is a way of assuring ourselves that we exist; that we are persons, important in our own right. Excitement helps us to feel like we are a person; Something better than excitement; Metapsychiatry has the three R’s – recognition, regret, and reformation.