Seminar 038 – The Right Man – Track 1

Track 1 – The Right Man – Audo 038 – with Dr. Thomas Hora.

What is theistic existentialism? What is the meaning of existentialism’s lack of popularity? Heidegger, a former student of theology, became a philosopher, who hid God in obscure language. There is embarrassment in admitting that we are interested in God. Gabriel Marcel (French Catholic Philosopher); In psychiatry and medicine God is totally absent; We call theistic existentialism Metapsychiatry, which means beyond psychiatry; We study the relevancy of God consciousness to mental health and healing; Breathing life into the valley of dry bones; Experience has proven the approach very helpful. Scientific approaches to understanding man; Definition of a specialist; Man exists in the context of God and may not be understood outside of his context. Maple tree and leaf analogy; God is the creative power and intelligence that sustains man. Psychiatry does not study man; it studies man’s sicknesses. Metapsychiatry’s primary interest is in understanding healthy man. Under what conditions can man be healthy? Operationalism is just looking how to handle man, as an object; Humanism is looking to make man more capable of exiting in groups, he moralizes man; (I can get along with my fellow man by wanting to.) Being generous (humanistic) to be nice. Juan Xa sage; When the Wrong Man does the right thing, the right thing goes the wrong way.