Seminar 042 – Thinking and Health – Track 2

Track 2 – Thinking and Health – Audio 042 with Dr. Thomas Hora.

Inspired man is different from a computer. Spontaneous: Sponte Tua = Out of thy will. Illnesses can be fashionable. When an idea becomes prevalent in our environment, we become afraid of and our fear energizes the idea, giving it power to manifest. “That which I fear most has come upon me.” The better we understand things, the simpler they get. Children are influenced by three factors in parental consciousness: 1) What you cherish; 2) hate; 3) fear. Healthy parenting is impossible, based on good intentions and self sacrificing love, unless you understand the three elements of consciousness. In order to be healthy, we must cherish that which is existentially valid and we must be compassionate enough to be free of hate and we must seek to be fearless. How can we become fearless? Perfect love casteth out fear. He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in him, for God is love.