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This 4 minute video clip is Dr. Hora’s response to the question “who designs our problems?” asked by an audience participant. In it, the understanding of God as only good, not good and evil, is clearly expressed.

The Blessings of Metapsychiatry:
One chapter at a time

This 60 minute documentary interviews students who studied with Dr. Hora. Some of the healing ideas of Metapsychiatry are shared through stories of healing that involve social anxiety, cancer, death of loved ones, parenting, pain and challenging life changes. The documentary can be viewed here in its entirety or chapter by chapter as indicated below.

Chapter 1

Introduction to Metapsychiatry:

“All problems are psychological and all solutions are spiritual.”

The Blessings of Metapsychiatry with a brief overview of the ideas and history of Metapsychiatry is presented along with individual testimonies.

Chapter 2

The Human Condition:

“We are not here to get what we want – we are here to discover our spiritual nature.”

Students of Metapsychiatry talk about how this discovery has brought healing in their lives.

Chapter 3

What is God? What is it to Hear God?

“God is the harmonizing principle of the Universe.”

Students of Metapsychiatry share their understanding of “God” that has come to them through their study and how it is useful in their Lives.

Chapter 4

God is Divine Consciousness:

“The more we understand life in the context of God, the less destructive we are towards others and ourselves.”

Students share stories of the value of understanding themselves as consciousness.

Chapter 5

Problems are Blessings: 

“To the spiritual seeker, problems are lessons designed for our edification.”

Students share how this idea has been useful in their lives as teachers, sufferers, parents, and more. The problem of “anger” and the death of loved ones are specifically addressed.

Chapter 6

Spiritual Healing:

“It is the perspective of life that is healed. Healing is discovering that there was nothing wrong to begin with.”

Problems and life issues are meaningful. They can be understood and healed. Students share healing stories involving grief, cancer, pain and more.

Chapter 7

P A G L:

“Peace, Assurance, Gratitude and Love”

The principle of perfect life. We can learn to live in harmony with PAGL and seeking PAGL is helpful in desperate moments.

Chapter 8


“Receptivity is a sincere desire to understand.”

Students share how seeking to see daily situations from the larger perspective of Infinite Mind has resulted in inspired, helpful ideas.

Chapter 9

The Blessings of Metapsychiatry:

“Gratitude is the door to joy. Seriousness is a killjoy.”

A joyful summary of the blessings of studying Metapsychiatry.

The Blessings of Metapsychiatry (Complete)